Will Waterloo be ready for move in by Fall 2022?

by David Kanne

Recently, a late delivery in West Campus left a bad taste in some students’ mouths about signing a lease at a new student housing development.

No one wants to move into a building that isn’t finished, and no one wants to worry about the headache it would cause for moving, storage, and more if this were to happen.

Today, to provide peace of mind, we are going to answer your most urgent questions and share with you three reasons why you should feel confident in signing a lease at Waterloo.

In the video above, David Kanne, CEO of Lincoln Ventures, the company developing waterloo, and Braden Bliss, Superintendent with JE Dunn, the general contractor building Waterloo, share three reasons why you should feel confident in signing a lease at Waterloo.

Is Waterloo on schedule to deliver on time?

Move in ready kitchens at Waterloo in West Campus

On floors six through nine, the kitchens in all units are move-in ready.

Not only is Waterloo scheduled to deliver on time, but it is also ahead of schedule.

Waterloo began construction in June of 2020 and hasn’t faced any delays since starting.

As of October 2021, floors six through nine have already been completed, and are fully ready for move-in. Appliances have been installed, the water is working, closets are ready, and there’s even ice in the icemakers!

In the video above, Ellen Clark, one of Waterloo’s Leasing and Marketing Assistants, takes you through the 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom Henry floor plan.

From this point forward, Waterloo is scheduled to have one floor completed each week. With a move-in date of August 13th, 2022, this is more than plenty of time for construction to be completed before students move in next fall.

Who is developing Waterloo and have they delivered any other buildings late in the past?

Lincoln Ventures’ most recent previous project, Moontower, delivered on time in Fall 2020.

If you are a UT Austin student living in West Campus, you have probably heard of Ruckus, Ruckus 2.0 and Moontower. Lincoln Ventures is the company behind all three of these properties, and every one of these properties was completed on time.

Lincoln Ventures has a perfect record of on-time deliveries in West Campus and is confident that Waterloo will keep this streak alive.

Waterloo’s general contractor, JE Dunn Construction, also has a strong track record with on-time deliveries in West Campus and is on schedule to deliver the project by the summer of 2022.

Since 2016, JE Dunn has built five student housing projects in West Campus. This includes Skyloft Apartments, and most recently, Moontower Apartments, which are both 18-story high rises in West Campus. All five projects were delivered on time or ahead of schedule.

So the units will be ready, but will the furniture be there? And will everything be working properly?

Bedroom at Waterloo

The bedrooms at Waterloo come fully furnished with a full-sized bed, desk and desk chair, and two under-bed storage units.

It is one thing for a unit to be finished, but without furniture in them, there isn’t much use to it being done on time.

We understand that some furniture suppliers have been experiencing delays due to COVID-related issues. For this reason, we are taking an extra step to assure that all furniture will be installed by the time of move-in.

To ensure that all furniture will be installed by the move-in date of August 13th, we have proactively shipped all furniture to a warehouse in the U.S. to avoid complications with international shipping. This way, the furniture will be available ahead of schedule and give our team plenty of time to install your furniture and properly clean your space.

What if the project doesn’t deliver on time?

Waterloo Construction Update - West Campus

Construction progress at Waterloo as of October 2021.

We are so certain that Waterloo will deliver on time that we are offering anyone who signs a lease a delivery guarantee. This guarantee is explained on your lease in a construction addendum.

However unlikely, the purpose of the Construction Addendum is to address the issue of a delay in occupancy stemming from construction.

Simply put, if for some reason we don’t hit our mark, not only will we not charge you rent for the time you cannot live at Waterloo, but we will also cover agreed-upon daily hotel costs, extra moving costs, and storage costs.

Download the Guarantee Contract

Overall, we hope this article helped answer any concerns you may have about the delivery of Waterloo Tower.

If you have any further questions, please visit the Waterloo FAQ page to see more frequently asked questions about the property, or contact our leasing staff at the Waterloo leasing office, who are more than happy to help.