Where Can Students Park Near the University of Texas at Austin?

by Megan Mills

If you’ve ever driven in Austin, you understand the headache of parking in the city. While there are many options to choose from, that doesn’t necessarily make the process easy. Whether you’re looking for short-term parking near campus or a monthly contracted spot, you can expect to compete with many people who are also looking for the best spot to park. 

At Waterloo, we understand that it is important to understand your options for parking, whether it be for the day, or for the year. 

Luckily, UT Austin, as well as many student housing apartment complexes in West Campus, provide a variety of parking options for those looking to park on or near campus.

In this article, we will give you information about both on-campus and off-campus parking options, as well as pricing, so that you can make an informed decision next time you find yourself in need of a parking spot.

Parking near the University of Texas at Austin

On-Campus Parking Options

Street Parking

For those looking for on-campus, short-term parking options on the street, UT has both metered parking and loading zones. These areas are intended for those looking to park for just a few minutes, or up to two hours.

Metered parking is also available in nine areas located throughout UT’s main campus. The ParkMobile app makes it easy to do contactless parking, allowing you to find and pay for parking from your phone without having to touch the meter.

Loading zone (LZ) spaces are also located throughout campus. These are designated spots you may park for up to 30 minutes with your emergency lights flashing. These spaces have signs indicating they are loading zones and do not require a permit. However, time restrictions as well as the use of emergency lights are strictly enforced.

Garage Parking

If you are in need of on-campus parking for an extended time period, the University of Texas has 13 parking garages located throughout campus. They offer both contract and daily parking options for UT staff, students, and visitors.

Staffed garages include:

  • Brazos Garages (BRG)
  • Conference Center Garage (CCG)
  • Health Center Garage (HCG)
  • Manor Garage (MAG)
  • San Antonio Garage (SAG)
  • Speedway Garage (SWG)
  • Trinity Garage (TRG)

Unstaffed garages include:

  • East Campus Garage (ECG)
  • Guadalupe Garage (GUG)
  • Nueces Garage (NUG)
  • Rowling Hall Garage (RHG)
  • San Jacinto Garage (SJG)
  • 27th Street Garage (TSG)


A map of all the campus garages, kiosks, and metered parking. Photo courtesy of the University of Texas at Austin.

A map of all the campus garages is available for download on the University of Texas at Austin Visitor Page

For information on which permits are available for purchase, and on which permits you qualify for, UT students, staff, and visitors can go to the My Parking Profile page on UT’s website.


Garage parking at the University of Texas has daily parking rates ranging from $14 to $21 and also has pricing by the hour. You can read more about daily garage parking rates on UT’s Garage Daily Parking Rates page.

For 2021-2022, available student parking permits range from $159 to $761 depending on permit class, eligibility, and location. Specialized permit types range from $48 to $95, as well as free bike parking for all students who order.

Be sure not to lose your ticket, because the fee will run you $36 or $42 per day, depending on the garage.

Street parking at the University of Texas is purchasable for up to two hours, costing $1 per 15-minute increments Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:45 pm. 

If more time is needed, students and visitors are asked to park in a garage. After hours and on the weekends, parking is also available for $1 per hour, excluding Lot 116. Metered parking in Lot 116 (near the Development Office Building) is priced at $5 per day.

West Campus Parking Options

Street parking on 26th Street, located right next to the 26 West student apartment complex. Photo courtesy of 24th Street Realty.

Street Parking

There are many options for street parking in West Campus, for both short-term and extended time periods.

In Central-North Austin, which includes the University of Texas West Campus and North Campus, paid street parking is available Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm. Outside of these hours, street parking is free in these spaces.

Be sure to keep track of the time, though, because parking during these hours without paying will put you at risk of being ticketed!

For more information on paid, on-street parking in West Campus Austin, visit the Paid Parking page on the AustinTexas.gov website.

Garage Parking

In West Campus, student housing apartments offer long-term garage parking for residents, and often the public, at an additional fee. Typically, parking can be purchased for the duration of your lease (typically 12 months) or by month, but some offer daily parking. For more information, contact the apartment complex that you are most interested in for more details.

If you need parking outside of the apartment in which you plan to live, contract parking is a great option. Contract parking is typically offered in increments of 1 month up to 1 year.

Apartments and businesses in West Campus that offer contract garage parking include:

  • Quarters on Campus
  • The Callaway House
  • 26 West
  • The Castilian 
  • University Co-op

If you’re interested in contract parking, contact the establishment that you are most interested in for more details.


In West Campus, garage parking prices vary greatly, ranging from around $80 to $250 per spot per month for both contract and resident parking. Apartment complexes that are older with large garages, such as 26 West, will fall on the lower end of this spectrum, while newer apartments with smaller garages, such as The Standard, will fall on the upper end of this spectrum. 

Some apartment complexes will offer “reserved” or “premium” parking spaces for a higher rate, typically falling at the higher end of this spectrum. These spots are usually located in the most convenient areas, such as near the building’s entry.

Street parking rates can be paid by mobile payment app, or at a pay station, depending on your preference and needs.

Mobile payment app options include Park ATX and Google Maps/Google Pay. Customers with Google accounts also have the option to pay online at http://pay.google.com/parking

If you are paying at a pay station, you will enter your license plate number to begin your parking session and pay with credit card or coin. Card transactions have a $0.25 charge to cover processing costs.

We hope that this list helps you gain a better understanding of your parking options at the University of Texas at Austin, and in West Campus. If you are interested in living at Waterloo, please contact our leasing staff to understand parking availability and rates.