5 Benefits of Living in a New Student Housing Development

by Megan Mills

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your student housing apartment options near UT? From older, spacious buildings at a lower price point, to luxury developments at the high end of the price spectrum, students have a lot of options to choose from. 

At Waterloo, we help hundreds of students explore their housing options at UT Austin, so we understand how stressful the process can be. It can be especially difficult to decide between older developments and newer ones due to all of the options available.

For this reason, we have created a list of the benefits of living in a new student housing development near the University of Texas at Austin to help you find the perfect apartment for your needs.

5 Benefits of Living in a New Development in West Campus

1. The Newest Amenities 

Waterloo has a spin studio providing classes and on-demand capability through Peloton-style bikes.

With state-of-the-art technology features, stunning design elements, and luxury amenities, new developments offer the hottest new amenities.

Not only do they offer the basics, like gyms and package rooms, but they also have plenty of fun extras. Think trendy amenities like yoga rooms, saunas and lavish common spaces.  

New developments offer the best-of-the-best to differentiate themselves from competition. Residents of new student housing apartments can expect community social events, on-site spas, spin studios, and more. 

If you have refined taste, new student housing developments have much more to offer than your average student housing apartment.

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2. Attentive Staff

Waterloo’s in-lobby coffee shop, Daydreamer coffee, will be operated by friendly, attentive staff who are excited to serve residents.

In a new development, the staff tends to be a little more attentive, since the project is just starting out. 

They’ve just started at a brand new property, so they want to go above and beyond to do their best so that it reflects on them well. You’re likely to find that the staff are often friendlier and willing to go the extra mile for new residents.

3. Strong Community

Waterloo happy hour event at Bar Moxy.

A large volume of residents moving in over the span of one or two days creates a bond in the apartment complex. While this is true of most student housing developments, it is especially true for new developments.

The group of people who are first to live in a student apartment complex get to experience the property together for the first time, creating an added sense of community. Since the property and amenities are brand new, renters are exploring them together and taking pride in the space.

Additionally, gatherings and resident events are usually put on by the leasing team, providing excellent opportunities for residents to continue to get to know their new neighbors.

4. Competitive Pricing

Waterloo’s leasing office, located on Guadalupe Street.

New buildings want to fill their units with renters ASAP, so they will typically offer deals or extras to attract potential residents. 

Whether it be a waived application fee, half off of your first month of rent, or discounted parking, you can expect to hear about some type of signing perk when you step into a leasing office. 

5. Be the First

Waterloo’s 6×6 unit, The Hoxton, has a stunning living area with floor-to-ceiling windows to allow for great views and plenty of natural light.

One of the top selling points of new student housing apartments is that everything in the building is brand new. Also, personally, knowing that no one has used the bathrooms in the unit before is a huge plus. 

Everything is new and spotless, and it brings a ‘wow’ factor that you won’t find in older student housing apartments. 

Often, the ceilings are higher, windows span from floor-to-ceiling, and the apartment has the newest appliances and fixtures. Things tend to be top-of-the-line and modern with all the latest technology.


At the end of the day, while all apartments have their perks, there are a variety of benefits that come with living in a new student housing development.

We hope this article helped you better understand what it’s like to live in a new student housing development.

If you need help in your apartment search, feel free to reach out to the Waterloo leasing team who are happy to answer any questions you might have about your search for housing.